About the New Evangelisation Trust

Our key aim as an organisation is to see that genuine Catholic Evangelisation Causes in Ireland will be adequately financed to realise their full potential. Our purpose is to bring donors and missionaries together for the New Evangelisation in Ireland.

Download our brochureWe are a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland. We operate a Zero Overheads policy whereby all of our running costs are covered by members and therefore 100% of monies we raise are channelled to missionaries and their projects in Ireland. We are endorsed and approved to do this valuable work by Cardinal Seán Brady.
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The New Evangelisation Trust is a Registered Charity in Ireland No CHY 18516

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Youth 2000Good News Stories

Against a background of bad news it is always so uplifting to hear of the many good news stories that are happening in the Church in Ireland today. The New Evangelisation Trust is actively helping to grow and spread this uplifting news through funding and sharing of information. Some of the recent Causes that we have supported will provide you with a good insight into what is happening. Please click here to see some of the wonderful work being done by our grantees.
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Pope BenedictDonors are Missionaries too!!

Whenever we come across the word “Missionary” we immediately tend to think of all those missionaries who proclaim the Gospel in foreign lands and seek to convert foreign peoples. We often forget though that the word “missionary” can be rightly applied to each and every Catholic follower of Christ!
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